UKOLD is one of important regional German universities. The university's academic profile today is marked by a combination of Computer Science together with the traditional Departments of Education, the Humanities, and Natural Science. Research at University of Koblenz-Landau is above all oriented towards practical application. The transfer of academic work through cooperation with partners from industry, commerce and administration is of great importance. Further education is the subject of numerous, usually interdisciplinary research projects. UKOLD also hosts a research group on computer applications in public administration, who have supervised the process of connecting Berlin and Bonn as 2 seats of the federal government of the Federal Republic of Germany with information and communication technology.


Role in the project


UKOLD will be responsible for analysis of the existing University Management systems in partner universities and special needs of University Information Management, participate on conference dedicated to discussion and approval of the concept of University Information Management.


UKOLD will coordinate partner universities' staff selection for training on University management in EU.


UKOLD will organise: retraining courses for selected participants, for the IT-centers' staff and for selected teachers at the EU universities. UKOLD is the main coordinator of courses at the partner universities (WP5), responsible for the archiving and analysis of the Project documents. UKOLD will organise coordination meetings and as coordinator will make project day-to-day project coordination and establishment of internal monitoring and evaluation structures .


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