СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

The young teachers, retrained at EU university, together with their colleagues, will prepare new courses for the future retaining curricula for university academic and administrative staff. The first pilot group of university staff will be retrained.

5.1. Teachers for the further courses

Selection of teachers from each of the partner countries university skilled both in computer science and theory of management who should prepare several subjects for the course.

5.2. Local libraries

Modern teaching equipment and literature will be purchased.

5.3. Concept of the course on university management

A concept for the course will be elaborated on the base of comparable analysis of existing courses at the EU universities, adapted to the special needs of the NIS universities. The concept will include first drafts of syllabi will be evaluated after the first retraining phase.

5.4. Selected teachers, retrained in EU

The teachers selected under 5.1 will be retrained at TNU participate in courses both as students and as teachers.

5.5. Course syllabi Methodology

Development of the course syllabus and of a package of teaching material, including adaptation of existing EU universities material, their approval by Academic Council.


5.6. Preparation of bilateral agreements

Preparation of bilateral agreements about exchange and co-ordination of the teaching material. Agreements will be signed for the purpose of exchange and co-ordination of the teaching materials, on the basis of the developed syllabus

5.7. Organizing courses at the PC universities

Organizing first courses at NIS partner universities for representatives of administration from the universities, mutual exchange of experience within all member of the project consortium. Courses starts with support of coordinators from the EU universities. Administrators from EU universities will visit partner countires universities.


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