СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ


 Koblenz-Landau University

Koblenz , Germany

 18-22 February 2013




Sumy State University

• Vladislav Khomenko

• Kostyantyn Kyrychenko

HEI "National Mining University"

• Dmytro Tymofeyev

• Tatyana Babenko

• Sergey Prykhodchenko

• Vsevolod Chernyshenko

Khmelnytskyi National University

• Konstantin Belovsky

• Nikolay Kosiyuk


Aims of the meeting

Discussion of the concept of the Integrated university management system as a part of the Concept. 

During the working appointment of the project members in Lublin the primary object of the functionality of a modern integrated information management system of the university has been set. Issues related to the description of the functionality and structure of the system, defining the boundaries of the system, choosing of the necessary tools and approaches to the design of the system were discussed at a working meeting in Koblenz.

The representative of the Khmelnytski National University fixed the results of the group's work in Koblenz and designed them into a report. This report reflects all the main points that were discussed by group. A comment to the report: we have to get away from the proposed allocation of functions by departments of the University, as in Sumy State University, along with other partner universities this allocation is based on other approaches.

The system is divided into subsystems based on the main resource - the object of control. Operating subsystems (OLTP) are presented in the form of structured electronic documents - as entities that are presented in almost all the universities, with the same or similar structure and attributes. Each document is a register of documents, implemented as a set of relational tables.

Analytical Subsystem (OLAP) is presented in the form of services. Also, all of the information services system as shown in the subsystem.

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