The NMU is one of 18 universities and enterprises of Ukraine that created together the Scientific and educational and industrial Complex “Info-communications”. NMU has a long-term agreement with the Microsoft Corporation for implementing modern info-communication technologies into the process of students’ training. Now NMU is taking part in the GRID program aimed at designing inter-universities computer network with the access to European information resources. A specific network of relevant Institutes was established by the NMU together with the Ministry of Education and Science and the National Academy of Sciences for strengthening scientific component in training process. According to the frame agreement with the National academy of pedagogical sciences we implement a program of pedagogical approaches development including improvement of engineering education quality.


Role in the project.


NMU will take active part in analysis if the existing University Management systems and special needs of the university


information management. NMU will be involved in establishment of the Coordination Council and participate in the Conference dedicated to discussion and approval of the concept of university information management.


NMU will be involved as well in:


- organization of the intensive language courses for the selected staff for retraining at EU universities.


- organization of a seminar-presentation for knowledge exchange.


- development and publication of the Report on ways towards for organization of the IT-centers .


- development and distribution web-sites of the IT-centers .


- provision of the IT-centers with the necessary equipment .


- development of a distributed university management information system.


- information campaign in mass-media, publication of 2 annual project bulletins.


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