The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus is a republican organ of government which pursues governmental policies in the field of education, provides regulation, management and governmental monitoring in the sphere of education as well as coordination of the related activities performed by the republican organs of government. In its activities the Ministry of Education is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the Regulation on the Ministry of Education and other laws of the Republic of Belarus.The Ministry of Education is subordinate to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, to which it is responsible for performing the tasks assigned and organizing the operation of the lower organizations.


Role in the project.


BME will take part in such activities as:


- Validation of the version of the curriculum and syllabi.


- Official recognizing the information system.


- Assistance in organization of public presentation of the developed curriculum (WP5).


- Participation in coordination meetings.


- Participation in the Conference dedicated to discussion and approval of the concept of university information management.


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